Professional & Technical Services® (PTS®)


Virox Technologies Inc is committed to providing educational opportunities to our partners, distributors, and end users in all areas pertaining to infection control. The Professional & Technical Services (PTS) team at Virox is a consulting resource that Infection Control Practitioners, Public Health Inspectors and Nurses, Environmental Services Personnel and our Distributor Sales Reps can access for information pertaining to decontamination of environmental surfaces, medical devices and hands. PTS are specialists in disinfectant chemistries, micro biology, environmental cleaning and disinfection protocol creation and in-service product training. The PTS group provides services to conduct cleaning and disinfection training seminars at Infection Control and Public Health conferences. PTS provides other educational opportunities to benefit the Infection Control Community such as Webber Training Teleclasses, Infection Control Today Webinars, the annual IPAC-Canada Virox Scholarship Fund and works with facilities to conduct clinical trials  on products or research studies such as the role of surface disinfection in minimizing Hospital Acquired Infections.

If you are interested in learning more about how the PTS team at Virox can provide educational or consulting opportunities at your facility please contact Nicole Kenny at 1-800-387-7578 x118 or via email at