The Virox Story

The mission of Virox Technologies is to equip the entire spectrum of global markets that are concerned with infection control with state-of-the-art antimicrobial technology in the war against germs. Our company is dedicated to the development, optimization, and adaptation of a fundamentally new approach to this challenge... an approach which has been validated and endorsed by the scientific community and which has been adopted by the market leaders in a broad range of industries.

We believe that there is no longer the need to compromise on efficacy of application, or to trade off for either personal safety or environmental integrity. By harnessing the cleaning and disinfecting powers of hydrogen peroxide for the first time, Virox Technologies has developed a new standard of performance. The tools are here, and the time is now.

As a research-driven company, Virox currently sells branded and private label products, and partners with the market leaders in an array of industries, who have all validated the scientific claims and market acceptance of our patented technologies in every case, the Virox logos representing the active ingredient Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) will be prominently displayed in order to build brand equity and customer confidence that is synonymous with the new standard in cleaning and disinfection. Virox is continuing to expand its business through the application of our technologies to new global markets, new applications, new industries, and new, proprietary product concepts.

Introducing Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

It has long been known that hydrogen peroxide can kill germs without being harmful to the user. However, up to now, this remarkable chemical has not been considered stable enough to be practical as the foundation for a system of commercial disinfectant cleaners. Virox scientists have developed a way to put this chemical to work. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) is a patented, colorless and volatile free liquid cleaning and disinfecting solution developed by Virox Technologies Inc. AHP is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide dramatically increases its germicidal potency and cleaning performance. AHP contains only those ingredients listed on the U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inert listing and the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) listing published by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which contribute to an unsurpassed health, safety and environmental profile.

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