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Press release - August 30th, 2017
Excerpt:“ Peroxiwash™ is the ideal animal shampoo for the animal health industry. It is manufactured with gentle ingredients providing users with both a pet safe and environmentally preferred shampoo. Peroxiwash™ provides superior cleansing action and removal of tough odors such as skunk, and does not contain any harsh chemicals, including fragrances, dyes, parabens or lathering agents.”
Virox® introduces a NEW High Level Disinfectant, Prevention™ HLD8 strikes the perfect balance between safety and efficacy. 
Press release - July 12, 2017
Excerpt:“ High level disinfectants are used widely used in the Alternate Care and Professional Beauty markets, however, many of these facilities encounter sensitivity issues with the most commonly used high level disinfectants. PREVENTION™ HLD8 will provide these markets with an environmentally friendly, safer and easier to use product that is non-sensitizing and has virtually no inhalation risks for staff, patients or clients.”
Virox Animal Health™ has a new addition to the Strategic Alliance team.
Press release - August 15, 2016
Excerpt:“ Virox Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that Judy Pearlman has joined the Virox Animal Health division as Manager, Strategic Alliances.  In this role Ms. Pearlman will focus development and management of strategic relationships in the animal healthcare distribution arena for Virox Animal Health for the companion animal, shelter, livestock and poultry markets.”
Virox Animal Health™ has a new addition to the Professional and Technical Services team.
Press release - June 15, 2016
Excerpt:“ Virox Animal Health™ has announced the addition of Morgan Radford to the role of Manager, Professional and Technical Services. Virox is thrilled to share Morgan’s knowledge and experience with the animal health industry, providing expertise on biosecurity and infection prevention.”
Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award for Innovation by the Safer Choice/DfE
Press release - April 29, 2016
Excerpt:“ Virox® Technologies Inc. has been awarded a 2016 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award for Innovation by the Safer Choice/DfE (Design for the Environment) program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).”
Dr. Lucas Pantaleon joins Virox Animal Health Portable Document Format (669 KB)
Press release - January 15, 2016
Excerpt:“ Virox Technologies Inc. announced that Lucas Pantaleon, DVM, MS, DACVIM, MBA hasjoined the Virox Animal Health division as Senior Clinical Veterinarian advisor. In this role Dr. Pantaleon will be the “Vet Voice” of Virox Animal Health”
New Brand Announcement Portable Document Format (1.5 MB)
Press release - August 26, 2015
Excerpt:“ Virox is proud to introduce PREempt®, our newest brand of AHP products to support all markets outside of Healthcare, such as Personal Services, Compound Pharmacy Laboratories and Clean Rooms.”
Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) receives approval as the FIRST DfE (Design for the Environment) hospital grade, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant!
Excerpt:“ Disinfectant products are widely used in Healthcare settings. It is a common belief that these products are somewhat toxic to the user due to their toxicity against microorganisms. The objective of this study was to propose that this notion is not necessarily true, and showcase new technologies that are able to achieve disinfection without harm to the user or the environment. A new technology based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) was assessed for its antimicrobial activity using EPA approved test methods, as well as its user safety and environmental fate compliance with the Design for the Environment (DfE) Antimicrobial Pesticide Pilot Project.”
English: CVMA News Release - July 2015 Portable Document Format (952 KB)
French: (Communiqué de presse  Le 16 Juillet 2015) Portable Document Format (952 KB)
Press release- July 2015
Excerpt:“The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is pleased to announce a four-year agreement with Virox Animal Health to exclusively sponsor the CVMA’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), which is geared towards veterinary graduates and experienced professionals alike to develop leadership and communication skills”
Study proves using AHP® significantly reduces HAI's Portable Document Format (759 KB)
Press release- January 2015
Excerpt:“ A recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control showed that the introduction of a disposable wiping system pre-wetted with an Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) disinfectant cleaner significantly reduced the rate of HAIs caused by key pathogens, including C. difficile, MRSA and VRE, over a one year period.”
Virox Technologies Inc. Announces the Syed A Sattar African Scholarship. Portable Document Format (529 KB)
Press Release- June 2014
Excerpt:“ In recognition of Dr. Sattar’s highly notable scientific career spanning nearly five decades, we at Virox, along with his friends and colleagues in the Canadian infection prevention and control community, were honoured to announce the creation of the scholarship on May 25th at the IPAC 2014 National Conference.”
Sealed Air Acquires Virox Technologies' Accel Brand and Healthcare Businesses in the USA and Canada. Portable Document Format (96 KB)
Press Release- July 2nd, 2014
Excerpt:“ Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) announced today that it has completed an acquisition of Virox Technologies’ Accel® brand and its related healthcare businesses in the United States and Canada. The acquired assets include the brand, the current healthcare business and existing customer relationships. Through its Diversey Care business, Sealed Air has had a long standing exclusive, global relationship with Virox and this new arrangement will enhance Diversey Care’s marketing of Virox’s proprietary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®(AHP®) technology. In addition to increased focus on healthcare surface cleaning and disinfection applications, Diversey Care continues to provide all the benefits of AHP to the broader institutional markets like Education, Government, Facility Management, Retail and Food Service.”
Market Watch - Sealed Air Acquires Virox Technologies' Accel Brand and Healthcare Businesses in the USA and Canada
Press Release- July 2nd, 2014
Excerpt:“Sealed Air Corporation SEE, -0.95% announced today that it has completed an acquisition of Virox Technologies’ Accel® brand and its related healthcare businesses in the United States and Canada."

AHP Poised to combat PEDv, a deadly and highly contagious pig virus. 
Press Release- January 2014
Excerpt:“A deadly and highly contagious pig virus continues to spread across Ontario as officials confirm a fourth case of the outbreak has been found in the province. ”
Virox's strategic partners DebMed® and STERIS Announce Partnership to Promote the DebMed Group Monitoring System (GMS) to Healthcare Organizations in April 2014 Portable Document Format (1.64 MB)
Press Release- December 2013
Excerpt:“This partnership will result in healthcare organizations having greater access to electronic monitoring of hand hygiene, a reliable method for increasing hand hygiene compliance and preventing the spread of infections. ”
Virox Healthcare’s New Website Offers Many Useful Resources for Medical Device and Surface Disinfection Portable Document Format (133 KB)
Press Release- December 2013 Virox Healthcare, a U.S. division of Virox Technologies, Inc., has recently launched a new website for the U.S. medical industry which provides easy access to Accel® surface disinfectant cleaner product information, resources related to surface disinfection concerns, and a variety of methods and media to keep you apprised of new developments in medical device and surface disinfection.
Virox Technologies Inc Awarded 2013 Ontario Business Achievement Award as the Global Innovator Portable Document Format (172 KB)
Press Release Excerpt:“We are proud to announce that Virox Technologies Inc. has been awarded the prestigious Global Innovator Award, presented at the Ontario Business Achievement Awards (OBAAs) on November 20th, 2013 in Toronto, ON. Sponsored by the Government of Ontario, this award is presented to an Ontario business whose product has resulted in expanded exports and new jobs.”
A Clean Sweep Portable Document Format (1.41 MB)
Canadian Packaging - May 2013 Excerpt:“Virox Technologies Inc., is a key combatant in the war against microbes. Having engineered several revolutionary disinfectants based on unique hydrogen-peroxide formulation, the company enjoys a well-earned world-class reputation in the industry for its R&D (researchand-development) and the manufacture of highquality products.”
Virox Technologies Inc earns LEED Silver Certification Portable Document Format (712 KB)
Press Release Excerpt:“Oakville, ON - Virox Technologies Inc is proud to announce that we have achieved LEED® Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for our 42, 000 square foot headquarters which includes the company's corporate offices, research & development laboratory, manufacturing and warehousing facility. Virox is the first chemical manufacturer in Canada capable of not just developing EcoLogo and Green Seal Certified products, but manufacturing them in a LEED-certified facility.”
The Virox Future Forum 2013- Window on the Future of Work
Sheridan Alumni Excerpt:“The Virox Future Forum 2013 offered graduating business students a look into emerging trends in the work world and advice on pitching business ideas. Sponsored by Randy Pilon (Business, 1982), President and CEO of Virox Technologies Inc., the Feb. 14 event featured keynote speakers, demographer Dr. David K. Foot (Boom, Bust and Echo), and venture capitalist (and Dragons’ Den consultant), Dr. Sean Wise.”
Business students drink in wisdom at Virox Forum Portable Document Format (559 KB)
Mississauga Business Times - March 2013 Excerpt:“Business isn't for the faint-hearted. You need to be light on your feet and resilient. That was the message delivered to 100 Sheridan College business students who attended the 2013 Virox Future Forum, ... The Conference, now in its fifth year, was started by longtime Mississauga resident and Sheridan alumnus Randy Pilon, CEO of Oakville infection control company Virox Technologies Inc.”
Randy Pilon - one of the six entrepreneurs at the first Python's Pit competition starting on March 23, 2013. Portable Document Format (5.82 MB)
The New OAKVILLE VOICE Magazine Excerpt:“What makes Pythons'Pit unique is the free mentoring that is available to anyone who has made an application. Successful applicants will enter the "Pit" on March 23, 2013, at an event at the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington.”
Virox Future Forum 2013 - Students hear from some of the best in business Sheridan College hosted the 2013 Virox Future Forum at the Hazel MCallion Campus on February 14, 2013. The forum was aimed at 100 student entrepreneurs from the faculty of business.Guest speakers included President and CEO of Virox Technologies Randy Pilon.
Virox Future Forum 2013 - Preparing Sheridan Business Student Leaders for a Future of Change Portable Document Format (466 KB)
Sheridan College Excerpt:“Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from successful business people about how to thrive in the business world. Learn how to launch your career, be successful and prosper in a constantly evolving marketplace.”
How Virox Technologies Inc was born
Sheridan Voices Produced by Sheridan Production House and The Facility of Business
Randy Pilon, Python - Pythons' Pit 2012 Competition
Excerpt:“Pythons' Pit provides an avenue for creative, entrepreneurial residents and students of Halton Region to pitch their business concepts and product ideas in front of a live audience and a panel of business moguls from the local community. Pythons' Pit, presented by RBC, is the newest initiative by Rotary in Halton and McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business. Pythons' Pit is a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and high school students within Halton Region to pitch their creative business idea or concept to a panel of local business moguls, the Pythons, in exchange for a chance to win investment capital, cash prizes or a bursary.”
Randy Pilon, President and CEO of Virox, is one of the six entrepreneurs at the first Python's Pit competition.
BlogTalkRadio- "Talk To Donna Messer" Excerpt:“He will be one of six entrepreneurs who will evaluate, select and invest in winners in the first Python competition that begins this fall. Randy wanted to be part of this initiative because he's keen to help foster the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada. A high achieving,strategic thinker he is an entrepreneur in his own right. ”
In Praise of a College Education Portable Document Format (401 KB)
Sheridan Ovation - Sheridan's Annual Alumni Magazine Excerpt:“Randy is an accomplished entrepreneur who has demonstrated his generosity and expertise at every level possible here at Sheridan", says Sheridan President and CEO Jeff Zabudsky. "His donation of time, expertise and financial support will go a long way in helping business students develop to their full potential.”
STERIS Launches Revital-Ox Product Line for Endoscopy-Related Reprocessing
Infection Control Today (ICT) The Revital-Ox group of products includes Resert XL HLD High Level Disinfectant - broad-based microbicide based on AHP™ (hydrogen peroxide based, non-aldehyde solution that is non-sensitizing and has virtually no inhalation risk) designed for high-level disinfection of heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices and surgical instruments.
A top-to-bottom cleaning to fight C. diff outbreak Principal recommendation from provincial team involves “rescue gel” disinfectant
Steve Henschel A principal recommendation from the provincial team which visted St. Catharines General last week to help fight further spread of the C. difficile outbreak involves a complete top-to-bottom facility clean of all seven NHS hospitals with Virox, a “rescue gel” disinfectant. Excerpt:““We have started that as of today,” Dr. Sue Matthews, interim CEO for the Niagara Health System, said on Tuesday, explaining that the NHS has moved to start the clean at the three outbreak sites while planning how to roll out the cleans."”
Niagara hospitals get top to bottom cleaning NHS looks to bleach-based rescue gel to end C.difficile outbreaks
Siobhan Morris The Niagara Health System is taking on a top to bottom cleaning of all their sites to try to end outbreaks of C.difficile in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls & Welland Excerpt:“Interim President & CEO of the NHS Sue Matthews says the provincial team that visited last week told them about "Virox Sporicideal Rescue Gel". ”
‘Safe to come to get health care,' says NHS chief of staff NHS begins daily briefings on C.diff outbreak
ALLAN BENNER The NHS is currently cleaning all of its facilities using a highly effective antiseptic called Virox Rescue Sporicidal Gel, a product recommended by the provincial Infection Control Resource Team. Excerpt:“Matthews said antibiotics prescribed for various illnesses can also kill "the normal bugs in the bowel that prevent people from getting C. difficile”
Next step in C. diff fight: A super-scrubbing for Niagara hospitals
Grant LaFleche Health system CEO Sue Matthews said a Virox "rescue gel" will be used in all hospitals. Patients will be temporarily moved out of their rooms and everything inside from wheelchairs to walls will be cleaned with the agent, in a bid to eliminate the potential spread of the bacteria that caused outbreaks in hospitals in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland. Excerpt:“Hope said the spores can also survive outside a host on furniture and other areas and can be spread on the hands of people. The use of the Virox gel is an attempt to kill any spores that might be lurking in the hospitals.”
Virox Founder Bullish on College Education
Mike Beggs The Sheridan College alumnus is the president and CEO of the local Virox Technologies Inc. a startup company with a patented technology in disinfection and sterilization call Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Excerpt:“Do you want an MBA graduate from 1968 doing your buisness plan? ”
Virox Founder bullish on College Education  Portable Document Format (836 KB)
Mike Beggs Virox was incorporated in July of 1998, as Pilon gathered up a group of seed investors to purchase the rights from the investor, aiming to refine, patent, and license this technology, and bring it to the world through strategic alliances. Excerpt:““All the while he has kept his ties to Sheridan going- be it serving as a convocation speaker or guest lecture for the business program, sitting on its campaign cabinet, doing one-mon-one coaching of finance students”- Trevor Bodogh” pg. 2
Faculty of Business students take three scholarships at Virox Future Forum 2011
Briefly Speaking- Sheridan Students Three students walked away each with a $1000 scholarship and one student won a personal mentoring session courtesy of Randy Pilon, President & CEO, Virox Technologies Inc., at the recent Virox Future Forum 2011 hosted by Sheridan College Faculty of Business. Excerpt:““The Virox Future Forum was insightful, informative and interesting."- Jennifer Peddle”
Diversey Earns Green Master Award from Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council
CMM Online Diversey today was awarded a Green Masters designation during the third annual Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council conference, taking place this week in Neenah, Wis. The Green Masters designation is the highest honor in the Green Masters Program established by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. Excerpt:“Tom Eggert, executive director of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, “Diversey has been a leader from the time they piloted the LEED for Existing Buildings protocol in their corporate headquarters in Sturtevant. I am delighted that they have chosen to help develop and participate in the Green Masters Program."”
Anivac Provides Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectants for 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games’ goal of being environmentally responsible has lead to the selection of Anivac Corporation as the official disinfectant company of the games. Anivac is supplying ‘Accel’ brand disinfectants and Anivac equipment to clean and disinfect all stabling areas at the park, as well as the quarantine facilities at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (prior to each flight of horses). Excerpt:“The Accel brand uses a new disinfectant technology (AHP – Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) that holds five patents worldwide. AHP provides the perfect balance between safety and efficacy—effective against even the most stubborn viruses and bacteria, while being a safer alternative to traditional disinfectant chemistries for animals, people and the environment. AHP is a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant that when dry, converts to water vapor and oxygen. Anivac’s leading technologies will help keep disease out of the quarantine premises as horses arrive for their mandated quarantine time periods prior to competing at the games.”
Virox Theatre named for Randy Pilon’s contributions to Sheridan School of Business students
Briefly Speaking - Sheridan School of Business E-Newsletter Excerpt:“Sheridan’s SCAET theatre was re-named the Virox Technologies Inc Theatre in recognition of Randy Pilon’s great contributions to Sheridan College and the Sheridan School of Business.”
Virox Future Forum 2010 presents top speakers to Sheridan School of Business student leaders
Briefly Speaking - Sheridan School of Business E-Newsletter Sheridan School of Business student leaders enthusiastically spent most of the day with top business speakers learning how to finesse their future of employment after graduation during the recent Virox Future Forum 2010 sponsored by Virox Technologies Inc. Business speakers included Lee-Anne McAlear, Ian Portsmouth, and Sean Wise.
First Canadian company to be recognized by Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative - Virox Technologies Inc.  Portable Document Format (422 KB)
Daniel Casciato, Green Business Quarterly Nov/Dec 2009 Excerpt:“We brought a newness by using hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide is environmentally perferable.” pg. 3
An Assessment of Infection Control Surveillance in BC Acute Care Facilities Portable Document Format (1.97 MB)
By BRUCE GAMAGE, RN, BSN, CIC, Manager, Provincial Infection Control Network – BC Excerpt:“The following article (reprinted from the Winter 2009 issue of Virox’s Solutions Newsletter), is a precise of an article previously published in the American Journal of Infection Control 2008; 36:706-10.”
JohnsonDiversey and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Announce Equity Investment and Company Recapitalization Portable Document Format (98 KB)
Business Wire $2.6 billion transaction supports accelerated growth in cleaning and hygiene industry; Company to change name to "Diversey" and adopt new corporate identity Excerpt:“With annual sales of more than $3.0 billion into more than 175 countries, JohnsonDiversey is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions. The company serves commercial customers in the building, retail, healthcare and food and beverage sectors, as well as large, public sector clients such as the National Health Service in the U.K. and the State of New York. Among its private-sector customers are The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo., pharmaceutical retailer Walgreens and global facilities services provider ISS. ”
Virox Technologies Inc. is Permanently Named at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning!  Portable Document Format (64 KB)
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Excerpt:“In recognition of Virox Technologies Inc.’s ongoing support of the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, a lecture theatre has been permanently dedicated and named. Virox is committed to the ongoing support of Sheridan Business Students by hosting an annual Virox Future Forum which provides an opportunity for graduating students to become more knowledgeable about forward looking trends in the workplace. ”
Going Green and Staying Clean Portable Document Format (673 KB)
Crothall Services Group Between the months of August 2005 and July 2006, the Infection Control department at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD, led by Nurse Epidemiologist Rita Smith, conducted a study to determine whether formal staff training, including hand washing awareness, combined with new disinfectants would be effective in reducing the healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rate. Excerpt:“One key tool in this program has been JohnsonDiversey’s Oxivir disinfectant. Its formula makes it the perfect solution for fighting infections without harming the environment. ” pg. 1
JohnsonDiversey releases 2008 Global Responsibility Report Portable Document Format (172 KB)
JohnsonDiversey Significant milestones accomplished during the past year include: Acceptance into the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program; a partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to formulate cleaners and detergents that protect aquatic life; expansion of the company’s Global Children’s Initiative; and environmental performance improvement against five key measures, including a 31 percent per metric ton reduction in carbon oxygen demand (COD) and a 23 percent per metric ton re Excerpt:““Sustainability is being embedded into all aspects of our business as we seek to focus every employee on creating a cleaner, healthier future in communities around the world,” said JohnsonDiversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan. “This report highlights the progress we’ve made and reinforces our commitment to sustainability in our operations and in our customers’ facilities.””
New RESERT™ XL HLD High Level Disinfectant is a Non-Sensitizing Alternative to Commonly Used High Level Disifnection Chemistries in the GI Suite Portable Document Format (49 KB)
STERIS Corporation Resert oxidizing chemistry is safer for patients, staff and devices Excerpt:“STERIS Corporation now offers Resert XL HLD High Level Disinfectant, a new non-aldehyde solution, for hospitals and health centers. Among its many benefits, this formulation is non-sensitizing and has virtually no inhalation risk for staff and patients.” pg. 1
Virox Growing with BDC Portable Document Format (1.37 MB)
BDC Halton Excerpt:“With BDC’s help, virox purchased a 46,000 square-foot building in oakville, ont. that was inaugurated in July, 2008 as the company’s new corporate headquarters. In addition to securing fi nancing for the purchase, BDC Consulting provided assistance with the plant layout in order to meet virox’s current as well as future needs.”
H1N1 (Swine) Flu - AHP Breaks the Chain of Infection! Portable Document Format (275 KB)
Canadian Business Online Excerpt:“AHP's superior virucidal efficacy versus other commonly used disinfectants was recognized and subsequently recommended for the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces. Hand contact surfaces pose a potential threat to those touching those surfaces and then touching their mouths, nose, etc. AHP was chosen because of its unique ability to balance rapid effectiveness with user and patient safety.”
From SARS to Swine Flu: Protecting Your Dental / Medical Practice Portable Document Format (14 KB)
SciCan Media Release. Confidence is key in any outbreak situation and when dealing with a relatively unknown virus such as new strains of the H1N1 Swine Flu. Excerpt:“OPTIM 33TB, with AHP (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) technology, is a surface cleaner and disinfectant that has gained the reputation as being one of the most effective and safe surface disinfectants on the market. It has a 1 minute virucidal claim against both enveloped (easy to kill viruses such as Influenza) and nonenveloped viruses (difficult to kill viruses such as Polio) which provides an added level of "comfort and confidence" in the event of a viral outbreak.”
JohnsonDiversey Responds to Swine Flu Outbreak Portable Document Format (49 KB)
JohnsonDiversey JohnsonDiversey today announced a global effort to provide its customers with the products, information and expertise to combat the spread of swine flu. Excerpt:“Among the company’s most effective disinfection products is a line of accelerated hydrogen peroxide-based technologies, including a proprietary formula that kills viruses in one minute. Typical products in the industry require a 10-minute contact time for effective disinfection.”
Infection Control Means Big Business! Portable Document Format (370 KB)
Sanitation Canada Virox Technologies Inc. had a big year in 2008. In July they had a double celebration – first celebrating the company’s 10-year anniversary and second by moving into a new 47,000 sq. foot building on Coventry Road in Oakville – a facility that has already been zoned and approved for a future 20,000 sq. foot addition, when necessary. Excerpt:“Today, we know that as a society we need to take care to protect ourselves. We want Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind as the safest and most effective disinfectant product on the market,” he said. “Not just for use in hospitals, schools or professional buildings, but available for the consumer to use at home.” pg. 5
Cruise ships battle onboard bugs – Disinfectant “hit squads” and handwashing reminders aim to keep viruses away  Portable Document Format (108 KB)
Source: Vancouver Sun
Excerpt:“Whether it's at the dinner table, spa, lounge or gym, all surfaces are wiped down with the hydrogen peroxide-based Virox disinfectant, or mild bleach in the kitchen.”
JohnsonDiversey Plays Leadership Role in Development of U.S. EPA’s Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative, Earns Champion Status Portable Document Format (28 KB)
JohnsonDiversey Inc. EPA gives JohnsonDiversey highest level of recognition for voluntarily removing APEOs from its products Excerpt:““Eliminating APEOs from our products was the responsible action to take,” said JohnsonDiversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan. “We’re proud we can tell our customers and our communities that we’re setting standards for our products that are more stringent than current regulations in order to protect human health and the environment.””
The Greening of the Eco-villains How green tech is changing the face of the chemical industry Portable Document Format (82 KB)
Written by Alexandra Shimo, Excerpt:“Of course the chemical industry can only reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing plants so far. At a certain point, if it truly wants to go green, it has to turn its attention to the damage done by the chemicals it actually sells. To that end, the industry is investing millions to measure the carbon dioxide and energy used to manufacture, recycle and dispose of its products, and it’s attempting to phase out the production of some chemicals altogether. For example, Oakville, Ont.-based Virox Technologies produces an environmentally friendly alternative to bleach called accelerated hydrogen peroxide. ”
Virox Technologies Inc. Receives Champion Status in the Design for the Environment Program's Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI). Portable Document Format (146 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. The Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI), EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) Program recognizes environmental leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safer surfactants.
JohnsonDiversey Sustainable Cleaning Award goes to OCS Cleaning and Environmental Services Portable Document Format (306 KB)
Corporate Social Responsibility News Company awarded at World Federation of Building Service Contractors Congress for demonstrating commitment to cleaning for health, safety and environment Excerpt:“"JohnsonDiversey is committed to sustainable cleaning systems and solutions, and we know many BSCs share this commitment," Lonergan said. "This award recognizes the best of the best. It recognizes a BSC that has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability by performing services that meet the highest standards of health, safety and environmental responsibility in facility care."”
JohnsonDiversey recognizes International Infection Prevention Week with release of new Norovirus Infection Control Kit  Portable Document Format (113 KB)
JohnsonDiversey Inc. JohnsonDiversey today introduced a new, comprehensive norovirus infection control kit in recognition of International Infection Prevention Week, October 19-25. Excerpt:“JohnsonDiversey offers six EPA-registered products to help control norovirus. Included in that list are Oxivir TbTM/MC and Carpe Diem TbTM/MC, one-step cleaner-disinfectants formulated with proprietary AHP® hydrogen peroxide technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance and 60-second contact time for disinfection. ”
Virox Technologies Inc. Opens New Corporate Headquarters  Portable Document Format (87 KB)
Sanitation Canada Excerpt:“Virox Technologies Inc. was found in 1998 and has quickly grown into an industry leader in hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants and cleaners. ”
JohnsonDiversey Announces Most Ambitious Climate Commitment In Cleaning Industry  Portable Document Format (128 KB)
Amanda Carufel, World Wildlife Fund Company pledge to WWF Climate Savers Will Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions Excerpt:“By joining Climate Savers, JohnsonDiversey is demonstrating that the world’s leading companies will find even greater success competing in the global marketplace when they operate in an environmentally responsible way. We hope and expect the rest of their industry will take notice and follow the powerful example being set by JohnsonDiversey to reduce emissions and help preserve the health of our planet.” pg. 1
Forterra Environmental Appoints Pilon to Board of Directors Portable Document Format (252 KB)
Forterra Environmental Corp. an emerging leader in the production and sale of premium organic soil-enrichment products based on worm castings, today announced the appointment of Randy Pilon to its Board of Directors.
Virox Technologies - Donor of the Week  Portable Document Format (281 KB)
SickKids Foundation Virox Technologies Inc. has been honoured by the SickKids Foundation as Donor of the Week. In our continued support of education, Virox will be the event sponsor for the SickKids Foundation 4th Annual Partnerships in Paediatric Patient Safety Symposium on June 11th at SickKids Hospital (Main Auditorium). For more information on this event please contact the Patient Safety Symposium organizers at 416-813-7358 or by email at
OTMH Battling Deadly Superbug Portable Document Format (131 KB)
Angela Blackburn, Oakville Beaver Excerpt:“Though common bleach should kill it, the hospital is not asking its cleaning staff to breathe the fumes of bleach, said Carleton. Instead, it is using tougher chemical cleaners, like Virox and more recently, a new chemical cleaner called Rescue that is effective against C. difficile. ”
Virox Technologies Inc.’s New Corporate Headquarters.  Portable Document Format (149 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. Excerpt:“Virox has recently purchased a 42 000 square foot building in Oakville, ON that will become the new corporate headquarters in July.”
Forum of leading experts will chart course for sustainable facility care Portable Document Format (292 KB)
Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online Excerpt:“ unique forum will bring together leaders in the facility-care industry to chart a course through the green hype and develop practical approaches to sustainable facility care, JohnsonDiversey announced today. ”
New Patent Received for AHP! Portable Document Format (174 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. Excerpt:“Virox Technologies Inc. has received another patent for the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide based technology.”
Another First for AHP! Portable Document Format (137 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. Excerpt:“Virox Technologies Inc. and Anivac Corporation introduces a new innovative line of Animal Grooming products with the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Technology.”
AHP: The right Choice in a Healthcare Facility  Portable Document Format (147 KB)
Source: Infection Control Today Magazine
Excerpt: Proper cleaning and disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide disinfectants using AHP technology could greatly reduce the incidence of HAIs and reduce the costs associated with these infections.
Announces partnership with STERIS Corporation and launch of an endoscope compatible Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide High Level Disinfectant  Portable Document Format (136 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
Canadian-U.S. Partnership a “Clean Sweep” for 2006 Business Achievement Award Portable Document Format (85 KB)
Sanitation Canada Excerpt:“Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey recognized for cross-border collaboration on green disinfectants for healthcare use. ”
Essential Training for Environmental Services Staff Portable Document Format (45 KB)
Sanitation Canada Excerpt:“One person dies every six minutes from hospital-acquired infection. It’s tragic that this is allowed to continue and that an Environmental Services department can be allowed to operate without ongoing, targeted and evolving education. ”
Fast Facts Newsletter Portable Document Format (272 KB)
Cruise Lines International Association Inc.
REACH—Proactive Planning Is Recommended to Address the EU’s New Chemical Policy Initiatives Portable Document Format (194 KB)
Blank Rome LLP Excerpt:“REACH is intended to: (a) phase out, or limit the use of, the most dangerous chemicals; (b) promote innovation and development of safer chemicals; and (c) assure that the manufacture and distribution of chemicals in the EU do not adversely affect human health or the environment. ”
ALUMNI PROFILES - Randy Pilon Portable Document Format (43 KB)
Rotman Magazine
The Pandemic Planner - A Monthly Newsletter for Health Care Professionals Portable Document Format (98 KB)
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Safer Cleaning Products... "a sign of things to come?" Portable Document Format (44 KB)
Breakthrough AHP Technology May Help Reduce Incidence of Hospital-acquired Infections Portable Document Format (302 KB)
APIC Daily News
Canadian American Business Council Awards Portable Document Format (98 KB)
Canadian American Business Council
Virox Expansion in time to Receive Canada’s First Registered EcoLogo Disinfectant-Cleaner Portable Document Format (143 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. Excerpt:“Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide has proven its superiority with respect to cleaning and disinfection properties and can now proudly display the EcoLogo as Canada’s FIRST registered Disinfectant-Cleaner.”
New Cleaner 'to the Rescue' Portable Document Format (190 KB)
Kingston General Hospital Spectrum Excerpt:“Rescue is the only surface disinfectant in Canada with claims to be effective against C. difficile spores. ”
JohnsonDiversey steps up to assist schools fighting MRSA Portable Document Format (27 KB)
JohnsonDiversey Excerpt:“Only Oxivir Tb and Carpe Diem Tb disinfectants offer a 60-second kill time, which is highly effective against pathogens such as MRSA, but with a health hazard rating of zero, which means it has a product-safety profile well suited for use in schools.”
The Environmentally Friendly 'Superbug' Killer Portable Document Format (92 KB)
Bio-Medicine Excerpt:“Patented accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) is a stable cleaning and disinfecting solution with enhanced germicidal activity that is not harmful to those who use it, or to the environment.”
Breakthrough AHP® Technology May Help Reduce Incidence of HAIs Portable Document Format (179 KB)
Infection Control Today Magazine
Virox Technologies Inc. Selected as a Regional Finalist in Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies Program for 2007 Portable Document Format (164 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. Excerpt:“Virox Technologies Inc. has been recognized as a Regional Finalist for 2007 as being an innovative industry leader committed to expanding its business through the application of our patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® technology to new global markets, new applications, new industries, and new, proprietary product concepts.”
How to Simplify Your Environmental Surfaces Cleaning Program
Infection Control Today, June 30 2006 Excerpt:“An emerging technology designed for cleaning and disinfection is making the job of healthcare environmental services more efficient, safer, and more responsible. Accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP™) technology allows for all-in-one capability to achieve excellent cleaning efficiencies without having to change products for different cleaning tasks or surface types. Not only does AHP™ technology allow for fewer SKUs, the product has been proven to be safer and has a reduced environmental load.”
Human Avian Influenza - A Sanitation Perspective Portable Document Format (1.20 MB)
Sanitation Canada
Commitment pays off for businesses - Achievement saluted at 11th Annual Oakville Awards for Business Excellence Portable Document Format (343 KB)
Oakville Beaver Excerpt:“Virox Technologies Inc. located on Bristol Circle was named 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year. ”
Biofilms: Friend of Foe? Portable Document Format (1.50 MB)
Sanitation Canada
A Scientific and Fact-Based Critique of the Article Portable Document Format (1.18 MB)
Sanitation Canada
Eliminating Clostridium difficile from the Healthcare Environment Portable Document Format (41 KB)
By DR. MICHELLE J. ALFA The primary aim of this project is to determine if daily commode treatment with specific formulations of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) agent at concentrations of 0.5- to two-per cent can reduce the level of C.difficile spores in the toilet environment of patients who have CDAD compared to the routine cleaning method using agents that are known to be non-sporicidal.
Oxivir USA Has Arrived Portable Document Format (85 KB)
JohnsonDiversey Inc
Canadian-US Partnership a "Clean" Sweep for 2006 Portable Document Format (221 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc. Excerpt:“In 2001, Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey formed a partnership in the ongoing fight against infectious disease and together have proven that a disinfectant need not be toxic to be effective. Past award winners have included Research in Motion (RIM), Intel Corporation, Syncrude, and Caterpillar.”
Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey recognized for cross-border collaboration on green disinfectants  Portable Document Format (59 KB)
IFMA Excerpt:“"In 2003, we were at the forefront of the global fight against SARS in large part because of our partnership with Virox," said Ed Lonergan, President and CEO of JohnsonDiversey. "And this partnership is at the foundation of our aggressive approach in the fight against the spread of avian flu and other infectious diseases. Our relationship with Virox is not just good business. It is also helping to protect public health. We're proud of how this U.S.-Canadian business enterprise is making this world a safer, healthier place."”
Canadian-US Partnership a "Clean" Sweep for 2006 Business Achievement Award  Portable Document Format (83 KB)
CNW Group Excerpt:“ "The judges for this year's Business achievement Award were not only impressed by the working partnership between the two companies but also by the positive impact their solution has for reducing the threat of infectious disease," said Randolph Dove, Board Chairman, Canadian American Business Council. "The CABC recognizes their incredible work and applauds their cross-border alliance on a global scale." ”
JD honored by business council Portable Document Format (349 KB)
Cleanfax Online Excerpt:“TORONTO — JanSan manufacturer JohnsonDiversey Inc. and Virox Technologies Inc. of Ontario have been given the annual Business Achievement Award by the Canadian American Business Council, according to a press release posted on”
October 25, 2006 - Oakville's Virox Technologies INC. Wins Prestigious Canadian-American Business Award  Portable Document Format (28 KB)
PolytechnicsCanada Excerpt:“In 2001, Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey formed a partnership in the ongoing fight against infectious diseases, and together have demonstrated that a disinfectant need not be toxic to be effective. The Business Achievement Award will be presented in Toronto on November 8th. ”
Virox Technologies and JohnsonDiversey Recognized for Cross-border Collaboration on Green Disinfectants  Portable Document Format (83 KB)
Toronto, Oct. 23, 2006 – The Canadian American Business Council, the voice of the Canadian American business community, today selected Virox Technologies Inc., of Oakville, Ont., and JohnsonDiversey Inc., of Sturtevant, Wis., to be awarded the prestigious Business Achievement Award for their collaboration in developing and distributing, a safe and environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant.
Virox a Big Winner Portable Document Format (319 KB)
Oakville Beaver Excerpt:“Oakville's Virox Technologies Inc. has picked up a prestigious Canadian/American business award.”
Virox backs Sheridan grad to success Portable Document Format (56 KB)
The Hamilton Spectator Excerpt:“Randy Pilon of Oakville-based Virox Technologies told a venture forum of his company's seed money to help an inventor make a success of a new disinfectant being used to fight SARS and the Norwalk virus. ”
Cleaning Show Presents Innovation Awards Portable Document Format (36 KB)
Press Release Excerpt:“JohnsonDiversey walked away with the washroom products award for Oxivir, a new detergent-disinfectant based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology.”
JohnsonDiversey Portable Document Format (359 KB)
International Dimensions Excerpt:“JohnsonDiversey walked away with the washroom products award for Oxivir, a new detergent-disinfectant based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology. Page 6”
Micro-vision (Sanitation Canada Infection Control Article) Portable Document Format (572 KB)
Virox Technologies Inc.
JD Earns Customer, Booth Accolades at ISSA  Portable Document Format (46 KB)
JohnsonDiversey Inc.
Impact Of Hygiene In Canada Program Portable Document Format (278 KB)
Stanier Institute
Intellectual property a requirement in VC pitch  Portable Document Format (61 KB)
Sillicon Valley North
Infection control: You were asking... Portable Document Format (70 KB)
Personal Services Settings Talk (Halton Region Recommends AHP) Portable Document Format (188 KB)
Halton Region Health Department
How Safe Is Your Salon And Spa? Portable Document Format (73 KB)
Caspar Verre MBA, CA
It's all too much Portable Document Format (135 KB)
By Christopher Shulgan Excerpt:“In Virox's case, the company sold about $1.6 million worth of disinfectant in the six weeks following the Ministry of Health SARS memo--as much as the company shipped in all of 2002.”
Seatrade Cruise Review, Norovirus: Washed Away? Not Yet Portable Document Format (71 KB)
Anne Kalosh
MF Distributions Inc., manufacturer of ORANGE GLO® brand products in Canada, announced today it will be introducing a new product on January 3, 2005 "ORANGE GLO® Disinfection Control", with patented technology. Portable Document Format (86 KB)
MF Distributions Inc.
Norwalk virus hits Woodland  Portable Document Format (46 KB)
The OMNIWay Excerpt:“Staff is also using Virox, a cleaning agent effective against Norwalk ”